We offer high quality test preparatory courses along with admissions consulting and case interview preparation in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our excellent track record in helping Indonesian students improve their test scores significantly and reach high marks demonstrates that.


  • Qualified instructors who score near to perfect in the actual test every year
  • Strong track record of having helped more than 2500 Indonesians in the last 3 years reach scores of at least 100 for TOEFL iBT / 7 for IELTS
  • ~50 branches nationwide providing location flexibility


  • Experienced instructors with strong credentials: high GRE / GMAT scores, native or bilingual proficiency, and strong relevant educational and teaching background
  • Teaching methodology and curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of Indonesians including practice problems that are similar to the real GRE or GMAT test
  • Solid experience and track record (see testimonial below) teaching students from diverse professional backgrounds with different English language proficiencies


"I scored a 27 (45%) on my Verbal after taking both Kaplan and Pascal GMAT courses.
After taking Toga’ GMAT Verbal lesson I increased my Verbal score to 41 (91%)… "
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The approach we take in guiding our clients is tailored to their different aspirations, personality, and background. We help our clients make the best impression to schools and also lighten the burden of their recommenders.

Our excellent track record in helping Indonesian clients gain unconditional LoA (Letter of Acceptance) at the top schools demonstrates that.

Profile Development

Top schools look for candidates with clear career goals and unique background. We will shape your profile by helping you develop a clear career roadmap and uncover the most interesting part of your background that will help differentiate you from other applicants.

School Selection

We know the top schools inside out. After we get to know you well from shaping your profile, we will recommend a list of schools that fit you best.

CV/Resume Editing

Top schools expect to see in a resume specific types of information and the format they should be presented in. We will not only show you what they are, but also help you create a higher quality CV than that of the average people admitted. You will become a more competitive applicant as a result.

Essays Editing

Admissions committees are humans. Your ability to move them emotionally through your essays can ultimately be the deciding factor in you getting accepted or not. Our 100% local team enables us to relate to Indonesians better than anyone. This allows us to provide unrivalled expertise in helping Indonesian applicants put their best foot forward in the most important part of their application, i.e. the essays.

Recommendation Letters Drafting

Having people write you an in-depth recommendation letter for multiple schools amidst their busy schedules is a lot to ask. We will help lighten your recommenders’ burden by shortening the list of questions they have to answer, allow them to answer in bullet points, and write them in Bahasa. We will then draft for them all the recommendation letters in English that they have to submit on your behalf.

Mock Interviews

You need to know what to say and how to say them. We can best prepare you for your interviews by providing a mock interview in-person with a local alum and over Skype with a former Admissions Director.

Waitlist Strategy

It’s not uncommon for applicants to get waitlisted. As insiders, our team of former Admissions Directors can best advise you on the strategic approach to take in response.


I had doubts at first about working with Toga. As I worked with them for the past
several months however, I realized that it was a really great decision… "

GMAT below 650, admitted to: (Mid 80% Range: 650- 740)
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