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One Pacific Place 15th Floor, SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 -53
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Phone: +62-21-2550-2450
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Where can I find the fees for your MBA Admissions Consulting service?
The fees depend on your situation, needs, and preferences as an MBA applicant. That’s why we first want to better understand you before we can tell you our fees. Please click here to help us help you.
Will you write the essays for me?
We will not. What we do is help you write an essay that best presents yourself to the admissions committee at the schools you will be applying to. At the end of working with us you will find that you are able to think in a more structured way and will have improved your writing skills as well. We take pride in helping our clients grow as a person and there is nothing more satisfying for them than to see their own hard work paying off in the end.
Can you guarantee I will get into the schools I applied to?
No we can’t and any firm that tells you they can is not being honest with you. Every business school’s admissions committee has their own framework of evaluating applicants but the decision to accept an applicant or not involves a significant element of subjectivity. This is on top of other factors outside of your and our control such as the quality of other applicants that have similar backgrounds as yourself given that top tier MBA programs wants to ensure diversity in their student body. The perfect analogy is you hiring a top law firm to represent you in a difficult and complex case. That law firm will not be able to guarantee you win the case but what they provide is the best help possible. Toga is no different where we provide you the best possible help for the application process to the world’s top business schools.

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