Indonesian MBA applicants don’t just need the help of a qualified MBA Admissions Consulting firm but also a local one to ensure optimal results

The help of a qualified MBA Admissions Consulting firm is necessary as top MBA programs are becoming increasingly competitive. Globally there aren’t that many qualified ones however and the issues with the few firms that all exist abroad are:

Accessibility & Responsiveness

Accessibility & Responsiveness

  • Foreign firms can’t offer Indonesians phone or in-person access, which is necessary at times
  • They can only offer Skype calls, which is hard to schedule due to time zone differences and potentially frustrating due to lack of reliable internet connection


Communication in Bahasa at times is necessary to ensure no misunderstanding or gaps in communication, which foreign firms aren’t able to do


Understanding of local culture is essential to delivering guidance effectively to Indonesian MBA applicants, which foreign firms do not have
No Indonesian Consultant

No Indonesian Consultant

Since almost all MBA interviews are still done by local alums, only an in-person mock interview done by one will give an exact simulation of the real interview. No foreign firms have even 1 Indonesian on their team

Value Proposition

We offer a compelling value proposition compared to our competitors globally through our consulting services’ breadth, depth and know-how


Hollistic Approach

Cover all bases of application process

  • We cover all application elements from end-to-end comprehensively
  • We don’t just help clients get accepted to a top tier MBA program. Our main focus is to help clients reach their career goals/aspirations through a top tier MBA program as a means/stepping stone


Personal Touch

Capture applicant’s best qualities

  • Unlike our competitors, our business model is not volume driven where we impersonally pass our clients to editors that won’t take the time to know them
  • We strongly believe that clients don’t just care that we know, but they also want to know that we care


Locally Based, Indo MBA Perspective, Expertise/Experience

Exclusive access to best possible help for Indonesian applicants

  • All our Indonesian MBA Consultants are based locally, have top tier MBA degrees, and worked in consulting/finance/hi-tech/entrepreneurship abroad as well as in Indonesia, which enable us to provide relevant perspective for Indonesian clients
  • Our partner is one of the most experienced among MBA Admissions Consulting firms in the world, and is arguably amongst the top 3 experts globally in their field