Indonesia has experienced tremendous economic growth in the last couple of years and a McKinsey study projects that it’s economy has the potential to become the 7th largest in the world by 2030. The study however also highlights that human capital challenges can potentially hamper its growth prospect. A BCG study further highlights how managing talent and developing leadership are the two most critical problems in Indonesia. The study further shows that Indonesian companies are projected to face both talent quantity and quality gaps at the senior, and especially middle level.

Top tier MBA programs as the holy grail of business education can help address Indonesia’s challenges. A GMAC report (Graduate Management Admission Council) showing the rising volume of international students (notably Asians), and company sponsored applicants implies however that admissions to those programs have become increasingly competitive for them. This is because admissions at top tier MBA programs place a large emphasis on the incoming class diversity (nationality, personal/professional background, career goals, etc.).

A significant number of Asian applicants from countries where English is not the main language of instruction at its higher education institutions realized this situation. Thus, many of them engage the services of MBA admissions consultants to help them with their application to top tier MBA programs. Given that there are no credible MBA admissions consulting firms that exist so far locally, Toga was thus born in late 2014 to fill the need of Indonesian applicants to achieve their dreams of getting into one of the world’s most prestigious business schools.


We have a vision to become the leading provider of professional advancement career advice for Indonesians and in the process serve as a major enabler for developing the country’s brightest talents become the nation’s future leaders


Our mission is to provide career goals focused, top tier MBA admissions consulting to talented Indonesians with high leadership potential to achieve their education aspirations and professional ambitions.