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As the top GRE and GMAT course provider in Jakarta, we understand how the standardized test works, what is needed to score well, and the challenges that Indonesian test takers normally face.

Value Proposition:

  • Experienced instructors with strong credentials: high GRE / GMAT scores, native or bilingual proficiency, and strong relevant educational and teaching background
  • Teaching methodology and curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of Indonesians including practice problems that are similar to the real GRE or GMAT test
  • Solid experience and track record teaching students from diverse professional backgrounds with different English language proficiencies


The majority of Indonesian GRE and GMAT test takers have unbalanced scores between their Verbal and Quant sections, which top schools do not prefer. As such, Toga offers the ONLY focused Verbal and Quant programs in Indonesia for both GRE and GMAT. Basically, students have the option to just take either our Verbal module or Quant module. This enables students to focus on their weak areas and achieve balanced scores between their Verbal and Quant sections. If you are weak in both areas, you can simply take both modules.


Many Master’s programs accept both the GRE and GMAT. If the programs you are applying to accept both, you want to carefully determine which standardized test is better suited for you:
  • The common misconception is that GRE is easier than GMAT. Nevertheless, universities that accept both tests will use the following GRE - GMAT comparison tool published by ETS - the GRE test maker - to compare applicants that take the GRE and GMAT. This removes any advantage one might think of gaining by taking the GRE over the GMAT.
  • Although there are a few similarities between the GMAT and GRE Verbal, the following is a fundamental difference between them. 50% of GRE Verbal questions relies on you having a deep English vocabulary comparable to that of a native speaker. Meanwhile, 40% of GMAT Verbal questions relies on you knowing English grammar rules.
  • Vocabulary is infinite while grammar rules are finite. Thus, it will take you much longer to deepen your English vocabulary than to master English grammar rules. This in particular hurts Indonesian local graduates because not only will they find GRE Verbal harder to master than GMAT Verbal, but the GMAT - GRE comparison tool will adjust their scores down since it perceives the GRE Verbal to be easier than the GMAT Verbal.
  • English grammar involves a lot of technicalities. When it comes to vocabulary however, it simply comes down to whether you know the meaning of the word or not. Thus, an instructor can play a larger role in helping you improve your understanding of English grammar rules than deepening your English vocabulary.
  • Conclusion: If you are a local graduate, we recommend that you take the GMAT if that is an option. For foreign graduates, it might be better to take the GRE than the GMAT but the GRE to GMAT conversion tool makes that decision not a straightforward one.

Online Course

  • Convenience: Study anytime and anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.
  • Access Period: 12 months for GMAT and 6 months for GRE
  • Scope: Covers all sections tested on the real GMAT and GRE exams
  • Lesson Modules: ~250 pre-recorded online video lessons
  • Practice Questions: ~1000 questions that come with both text and online video explanations
  • Simulation Tests: At least 2 full-length practice exams
  • Study Plans: Recommended daily or weekly study schedules based on your timeline and weak areas
  • Email Assistance: Send a message and receive a clear explanation in 24 hours via email from experienced tutors
  • Affordable: At just IDR 1.9juta, you will NOT find a cheaper option in the market

GRE and GMAT Course Information (Per Module)

Venue (Class): Panglima Polim (10 minutes walk from Plaza Blok M, across from All Fresh Supermarket in Panglima Polim)



Max Students

# Weeks

# Sessions

Hours / Session







Class - Verbal






Class - Quant









4 - 5

10 - 12

2 - 3

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Upcoming GMAT Verbal Class Schedule

Date: Tuesday, July 11 - Tuesday, August 8
Time: Tuesday: 7p-9p AND Saturday: 10a-3p (1 hour lunch break at 12p)
Venue:10 minutes walk from Plaza Blok M, across the street from All Fresh Supermarket in Panglima Polim

Upcoming GMAT Quant Class Schedule

Date: Tuesday, August 29 - Tuesday, September 26
Time: Tuesday: 7p-10p AND Saturday: 10a-3p (1 hour lunch break at 12p)
Venue:10 minutes walk from Plaza Blok M, across the street from All Fresh Supermarket in Panglima Polim

To achieve high scores on the GRE or GMAT test, you will need to spend at least the same time spent in class to study on your own.
(See below example for GMAT).

source: GMAC

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Mini GMAT Test

Take the mini GMAT test to get a feel of what the real test is like. Find out your strengths and weaknesses through a personalized score report.
In addition, we have published free GMAT guides on our blog that covers each of the four sections of the GMAT test. We encourage you to check them out.

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