1Verbal score increase from 27 (45%) to 40 (91%)

I scored a 27 (45%) on my Verbal after taking both Kaplan and Pascal GMAT courses. After taking Toga’s GMAT Verbal lesson however, I increased my Verbal score to 41 (91%). I believe my huge success comes down to their quality instructor, teaching methodology, and curriculum.

Unlike other GMAT instructors I have had in the past, Toga's did not just give me exercises and told me what the right answers were. Two critical success factors were emphasized throughout the course, i.e. time management and efficient problem solving techniques. The instructor also have bilingual native proficiency. That way I can practice communicating in English, but if necessary I can also communicate in Bahasa. Last but not least, the general tips and tricks given by other prep courses from my experience didn't really help that much. The customized sessions from the private lesson really did however. Each of my sessions were customized to my specific needs where the instructor identified my weak areas, analyzed the root cause, and provided specific advice how to best solve them.

GMAT Total: 690, Verbal: 40, Quant: 44

2Passed the 700 mark by scoring 710 (91%)

Previously, I’ve taken Pascal’s basic and advanced GMAT courses and studied on my own using books from four different publishers. During this time, I took the test several times over the course of 1 year but only managed to score as high as 680 (Q47, V36). A week after taking 7 private lessons (2 Quant and 5 Verbal) with Toga, I took the GMAT and managed to raise my Quant to 49 (~80%) and Verbal to 38 (~85%). This gave me an Overall score of 710 (~90%) and at least an 80/80 percentile split between Quant and Verbal, both strategically critical for top tier MBA applications.

I believe what helped me to increase my Quant scores in just 2 sessions were the problem-solving shortcuts and logic backdoors provided by the Quant instructor. This helped me answer difficult questions in 1.5 minutes from 2 minutes previously. Meanwhile, the Verbal instructor’s native English proficiency was key in helping me understand GMAT English, which is different than normal English. The instructor also provided step-by-step instructions on how to read and interpret the Verbal questions under GMAT rules.

Overall, both instructors gave me lots of guidance on how to properly understand GMAT concepts, something I didn’t know how to do before. Most importantly, they were very helpful and responsive even outside of class, and were also flexible in terms of tutoring time and location to accommodate my scheduling limitations.

GMAT Total: 710, Verbal: 38, Quant: 49

3Verbal score increase from 23 (32%) to 33 (69%)

After taking intensive Toga's GMAT Verbal course, I scored 33 (69%) on my Verbal that contributed to the increase of 80 points in my overall GMAT score. Previously, I took Pascal GMAT course, but my Verbal only reached 23 (32%) because the course mainly focused on the Quant. As a non-English native speaker, I definitely need more time to improve my Verbal. So, I decided to take intensive Toga's GMAT Verbal course with the bilingual instructor they provide.

Apparently, it was a great decision! The instructor was able to spot my weaknesses and repetitive mistakes. I learned the strategy to answer the questions quickly AND accurately, understood the best way to tackle complex questions by optimizing my strengths, and most importantly, was mentally prepared for the actual test. I believe that the combination of a qualified GMAT Verbal instructor and tailor-made curriculum was the key to my significant improvement.

GMAT Total: 660, Verbal: 33, Quant 47

4Total score of 730 (96%) with a Verbal score of 40 (91%)

After taking Toga’s GMAT Verbal lesson I increased my Verbal score to 40 (91%). This significantly helped me to reach an overall GMAT score of 730 (96%). Toga’s native bilingual instructor really helped me as a non-native speaker to score a 90th percentile on my Verbal. The instructor’s deep understanding of the Reading Comprehension section was particularly important. I learned the best way to tackle the reading passages, which was crucial as one passage impacted multiple questions. I also learned methods to quickly eliminate wrong answer choices, further increasing my efficiency. In addition, throughout the course the instructor would identify my weak areas and give insightful pointers how to address them. Overall, the instructor was really helpful, often staying longer beyond the allocated time to answer my questions.

GMAT Total: 730, Verbal: 40, Quant: 49

5Increased both GMAT Quant and Verbal by 5 points (20%) each

Toga's GMAT course helped me get up to speed with the fundamental concepts and test taking strategies. This helped me increase my score from 560 to 640. Initially, I was looking at several GMAT courses and decided to go ahead with Toga because they offer personalized approach that other GMAT courses don't. I am very glad to have made this decision as both the GMAT Verbal and Quant instructors attentively listened to my concerns and tailored their sessions according to my needs. They also genuinely supported me in overcoming the challenges I encountered during the course. Overall, their approach made the course both effective and efficient. Both my Quant and Verbal scores of 44 and 23 originally increased by 5 points each and as a result I am now accepted to INSEAD - my dream school. I would like to thank Toga for all their help and strongly recommend them to anyone else currently fighting to beat the GMAT!

GMAT Total: 640, Verbal: 28, Quant 49

6Total score of 760 (99%) with a Verbal score of 41 (94%)

I was quite disappointed when I saw my GMAT score of just 670 back in August 2016 as I believed that I already worked hard to study GMAT and had also taken Pascal's GMAT Course previously. Thus, I expected to score better particularly on my Verbal as I only managed to score a 31 (62%). After that, I joined Toga's Verbal course and retook the GMAT in November 2016. This time, my score improved significantly to 760 (Q51, V41).

I believe that it was down to the materials and strategies that Toga's GMAT Course provided me that I was able to improve my Verbal significantly. There are 3 things that I like most about Toga's GMAT private course: 1. Customized sessions that cater to my own strengths and weaknesses 2. Flexible timing that caters to my hectic work schedule 3. Most importantly, I got an experienced instructor from Toga who can bring out the best in me. My instructor performed an analysis that helped me to discover my weaknesses in Verbal were in properly identifying the sentence structure in Sentence Correction and not having an effective strategy in tackling Reading Comprehension. The instructor helped me to not only improve my weaknesses but at the same time provided me a framework to maximize my strength in Critical Reasoning.

Looking back on my experience taking the GMAT 3 times, I believe hard work is neccessary to achieve a great score. That alone is not sufficient however. One also needs to know the right methods and apply the right strategy to succeed in GMAT. Toga's GMAT course provided me exactly that.

GMAT Total: 760, Verbal: 41, Quant: 51

7From 640 (70%) to 690 (86%): Quant up 20%, Verbal up 10%

I took both Kaplan and Veritas Prep GMAT courses but was disappointed to only score 640 (70%): Quant 45 (59%), Verbal 33 (69%). Taking both Toga’s Quant and Verbal courses was a great investment of time and money, as it helped boost my score to 690 (86%): Quant 49 (77%), Verbal 35 (76%).

What mainly helped to improve my Quant is Toga’s different method to solving problems. As an engineer, I tend to approach GMAT Quant like math problems. Often times, that leads me to complicate things and waste time unnecessarily. Learning how to approach problems by relying more on high-level logic and being more systematic enabled me to improve my accuracy and efficiency. Meanwhile, what mainly helped to improve my Verbal is learning how to parse complex sentences in a more logical and structured manner for Sentence Correction (SC). This helped me to see patterns in SC questions, which in turn increased my accuracy and consistency. Being more efficient at SC also enabled me to spend more time on Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning problems. All this helped to increase my Verbal score.

GMAT Total: 690, Verbal: 35, Quant 49

Admissions Consulting

1Low GMAT (< 650)

I can now confidently say that I have made one of the best decisions during a crucial time in my MBA application. I came to Toga in a condition that was really far from ideal: low GMAT score, unclear short and long-term goals, and clueless about how to write compelling essays for business school applications. To make things worse, I had very limited time (1.5 months) to fix all of the issues mentioned above.
When I submitted my information online for a consultation, Toga replied within an hour. That demonstrated how responsive and serious they were in helping me. What also differentiates Toga is their strong willingness to understand my aspiration and work together with me to create a tailored solution to achieve my goals in a very tight timeline. The sincere commitment to help me succeed was also evident from how my consultant constantly went the extra mile during our engagement. He sacrificed his year-end vacation and delivered above and beyond the services agreed, showing his genuine interest in seeing me succeed. In addition, my consultant not only helped me with my MBA applications, but also became my mentor. He helped me sharpen my long-term goal and advised me on the steps I need to take to reach them. Toga has laid down a strong foundation not just for my MBA but also for my future goals after graduation.
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Toga offers a true personal focus not available anywhere else. Having spent most of my time studying for GMAT, I underestimated how fast my MBA application deadlines were coming up. Toga’s structured program put me back on track. I was paired with a consultant who is an MBA grad from a top 10 school and currently working in the industry that I’m interested to enter post-MBA. Together, we worked relentlessly for 3 months to convey the essentials of my personal and professional story into well thought out, eloquent essays. Toga’s turnaround time and responsiveness were also very impressive. In the end, I’ve gained not a coach, but also a mentor and a strong network within the MBA community in and outside of Indonesia. Thank you Toga for helping me get into INSEAD - my dream school!
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I had doubts at first about working with Toga. As I worked with them for the past several months however, I realize that it was a really great decision. They substantially helped me to unleash my untapped potential and focus on my career aspirations. The holistic coaching, well-structured program, and great network are priceless; not only for the school admittance, but also for my personal growth. What I really appreciate most from working with Toga is their genuine interest to know me as a person. It's like having the perfect combination of best friend and professional mentor, who provides honest and constructive feedback with solid connection and understanding. It's definitely worth the investment for my future.
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2Low GPA (< 3.2)

From so many people I reached out to discuss about my candidacy, it was only Toga who believed that I have what it takes to get into top MBA programs despite my low statistics at that time. That trust cultivated a strong collaboration between Toga and I. As a result, I got accepted to all 6 schools that I applied to, including INSEAD, Michigan Ross, and Duke Fuqua.
While Toga undoubtedly has solid methodologies and deep understanding of the application process for top tier MBA programs, it’s their team and personnel that differentiates them. I was paired with incredible mentors who demonstrated genuine interest in getting to know my aspirations and me as a person. They created a personalized work plan that took account the medical condition I was dealing with at that time to ensure that I can work efficiently while maintaining my health. Their constructive feedback also helped me to improve myself professionally and personally. On top of that, their endless support has encouraged me to put my best effort throughout the application process.
In the end, I realized that my journey with Toga goes beyond applying for MBA. It is actually a journey of self-discovery. Through my ups and downs, and values that Toga taught me along the way, I gained a deeper understanding of myself. I feel that I am now ready to take advantage of any opportunities that lie ahead.
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3Non Top-Tier Local Graduate

As someone who is weak in writing essays, I have lost count how many times Toga helped to review and provide feedback on my MBA essays. The guidance eventually played pivotal role in my success to gain admissions to my target schools. I am also very impressed with the level of interaction that I have with Toga, which extended beyond MBA admission preparations. I feel that Toga really would like me to succeed in reaching my future aspirations by advising me to make the right steps for my MBA journey.
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4Minimal Work Experience (Below 3 years)

Aspiring to get an MBA, I sought expert help from a qualified local MBA consulting firm and found Toga as the only firm. They gave great advice as to which MBA programs were the best fit for my then-vague goals. Within a few days of working with them I unearthed my hidden passion and career aspirations that soon became my short term and long-term goals. Their methodology is very structured to the point that virtual discussions and meetings produced effective results. Within the span of my application period, I had less than five face-to-face meetings but manage to achieve great results.
Working with Toga has been life changing. My strongest impression of them is their strong mentorship culture. The attention and dedication that my consultant gave me, along with regimented guidance that they provided, has helped me develop significantly both on a personal and professional level. I gained skills that helped me in both my application and job. Aside from school offers, Toga has helped me realize my potential while opening up new opportunities, particularly those essential to my career aspirations post MBA.
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5No Brand-Name Work Experience

Toga pushed me to my limits and ensured that I gave my best effort to get into my dream school. I was impressed by how they truly wanted to understand my aspirations and know me as a person. They helped me craft a solid story for my essays by constantly challenging my ideas and giving constructive feedback. They even creatively highlighted my interests and presented it in a compelling way. Toga’s extensive Indonesian MBA alumni network also helped me get connected to several alums from the schools I applied to, which strengthened my applications. Combined with their knowledge on the schools I applied to, I was able to construct a comprehensive story. Overall, Toga was highly accessible and responsive in addressing all of my concerns. They also helped me keep track of the application deadlines. After months of endless essays reviews and interview practices, I was finally confident to face the competitive pool of MBA applicants and happily got admitted to my dream school with a £25,000 merit-based scholarship.
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